Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hello from Hawaii!

We are on day 8 of our Hawaii excursion and loving life! Claire has been an angel. The plane ride was much smoother than I anticipated. We only had to break out the baby crack--I mean baby einstein for the last 45 minutes. She didn't sleep, but she also didn't cry, so it was ok!

Everyone we're staying with here has said repeatedly that Claire is the best baby they have ever met. The first night it was a bit rough for Claire to adjust to the time difference and the unfamiliar sleeping arrangements, and she cried a lot. But since then she has been back to her amazing self, smiling and laughing all day, taking 2 2-hour naps and sleeping 10-12 hours at night! I love this kid! Here are a few pictures:

Claire loved going hiking. She didn't fuss for the entire 3 hours spent strapped to Kevin's back!

She is going to be adventurous when she grows up if this sort of stuff continues!

Jungle hiking with the Bringards!

The view from the patio where we are staying. AMAZING!

Now this is the life!


  1. looks like you guys are having a great time!!

  2. Wow...the Bringards are all over the world! China...Hawaii...what next?
    Enjoy! Claire is a doll!

  3. Awesome!!!! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii! Glad to hear that Claire is having a great time and that she is sleeping good! Love the pics!

  4. THAT'S HILARIOUS! I have the same pink flower pool floating pad and blue hiking baby pack! :) There really good to have!

  5. Hey, check out that fancy float!