Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We've made it through two weeks! So far, so good. Jude is pretty mello so far. He often sleeps well in between feedings, and his fussy periods are nothing compared to Claire's when she was this age. Actually, Claire continues to be the most work! But she loves her little brother and is so sweet with him. Currently Claire is playing "soccer ball" outside by herself, which is a huge improvement over the high needs playing she usually requires. She growing up so fast!

Kevin went back to work yesterday, so I've been on my own now for the first time since Jude was born. Yesterday was challenging because Jude was awake for 4 hours in the morning, and wanting to be held and fed a lot, while Claire was cranky and misbehaving a lot. I was exhausted by 10:30! But today is going more smoothly (even though I have not and probably will not get to take a shower!) Jude has started to make eye contact consistently. I think real smiles will be coming soon. I went to the pediatrician yesterday. He is 9 pounds 6 ounces now. I don't remember his length, but it was not much more than when he was born. His jaundice is completely gone. Overall, he's in great shape, just a clogged tear duct that is more annoying than anything else. The Dr said it could clear up tomorrow, or take as long as 4 months! I hope for sooner rather than later. I have some cute pictures on my phone, so I'll try and do a picture only post from there to share them.

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