Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Month!

Wow! Another month has passed already! Things are busy here. As many of you know, we are moving to Colorado Springs in March. Arranging everything for the move has taken all my "free" time. Last thing to secure is a place to live when we get there (you'd think that might be the first priority, but when you rent, it's hard to plan more than a month in advance!) Once I line something up. I'll have forwarding addresses for you all. Right now I'm in "Will someone please return my phone calls so I don't go crazy!" mode.

Jude is three months and doing amazing! He's still a very easy baby. The only area he is more tough than Claire was is in sleeping duration. He still wakes up every 3-6 hours at night, whereas she was going a solid 10+ by now. But I seriously can't complain because he really is a rock star! He will laugh big, long belly laughs, but it's really hard to get him to do it. Most of the time he is just very smiley. He is very inquisitive, and is constantly looking around intently. He can roll over from tummy to back. He is very chatty, and loves to have extended "talk" sessions that are very funny to watch.

Claire LOVES him! She always wants to help take care of him and comfort him. She encourages him to learn new things and installs herself in the roll of teacher. "Here Jude, like this, watch me!" "There you go, Little Buddy, good job!"

A new development this week has been having them sleep in the same room. Jude has pretty much outgrown his cosleeper. He's almost as long as it is, and when he creeps forward while sleeping, he ends up with his face smashed against the top. I also don't sleep very well with him so close. I wake every time he turns his head. So, now he is in his crib, Claire is in her toddler bed, and all are happy. I have a sound machine in the room turned up almost all the way, so when he wakes up talking at 2 am, it doesn't wake Claire up. And having him in there has been a great way to encourage Claire to be better about going to bed. She likes taking naps with her brother in the room. When she comes out for the millionth time at night, it discourages a tantrum because I warn her (very sternly) of the consequences of waking up Jude with her angry screaming.

In other interesting news, I'll be 30 in about a week! Hooray for a new decade! And on March 1st, Kevin and I will celebrate our 8 year anniversary. Best eight years EVER!

I posted the most recent pictures of everyone yesterday as a Picasa album link. Enjoy! I may not post again until we are all squared away in Colorado! (GULP! Reality is crashing in on us fast!)

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