Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Monkey Boy

Jude is 10 months old now! He's grown up quite a bit in recent weeks. Highlights of things he has learned in the last month or two since I last did a specific post about him:

  • He can walk! (Although he rarely chooses to.)
  • He loves to clap, especially to music
  • He has a nice collection of signs that he does consistently: all done, more, please, bath. (ok, I guess 4 is hardly a "collection", but I'm proud nonetheless!)
  • He finally found his voice, and uses it all the time to make nonsense speeches
  • He gives those great open-mouth baby kisses
  • He has stopped being a giant and is now comfortably in the 10th %ile for weight and 20th %ile for height, just like his sister was. He's been in the same size clothes now for about 5 months, which is a huge change from when he was first born and would out-grow a size category well before the recommended age.
  • He's become slightly less independent. He now gets super excited when he sees Kevin or I come into the room. When Kevin comes up from work in the basement Jude crawls to him as fast as he can saying "Dadda, Dadda!"
  • He still loves to cuddle. All the childcare workers at church and the gym want to take him home. He's quite the favorite!
  • He smiles at everyone in that cute, shy, flirty way that never ceases to melt their hearts.
  • He has the most hilarious tantrum technique I have ever seen. When something is taken away from him, or he is set down when he wants to be held, he throws himself prostrate on the ground and then scoots forward on the ground rubbing his face as he goes. Makes us laugh every time! He's given himself some crazy rug burn on his cheek and nose from doing it, and I don't think he appreciates the humor we all find in his distress!
We love him dearly, and can't believe he'll be one so soon!!

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