Friday, March 1, 2013

The Wild Adventure: 10 Years In

Life with three kids has been quite consuming. This is evident by the fact that I never wrote a post about Eli's birth! Poor 3rd baby! He is immensely loved whether I blog about it or not! But today I needed to take the time to write an entry because: Today Kevin and I have been married for 10 years! I've been reflecting a lot lately on how it's been going and here's what I have determined:

  • I have never in my life known another individual that is as completely wonderful as my husband. I marvel sometimes at how it's possible for one person to be so amazing.
  • Being married has not been hard. Everyone warns you all the time that it will be. And don't get me wrong, it's not easy. But it's not difficult either. And I think this is 100% because of Kevin. I myself am sometimes irritable, sometimes short tempered, sometimes selfish, sometimes inconsiderate. The hard work of marriage generally involves me trying to reign in my better demons, my ego. Kevin is rarely irritable, rarely short tempered, almost never selfish, never inconsiderate. It makes living with him a breeze. 
  • So much of the woman I am today is because of my 10 years with Kevin. We talk about life, and love, and why. And through it I am transformed. I glimpse the world through his eyes. It changes me. In a good way. 
  • He is a fantastic father. His capacity for patience and tenderness is awe-inspiring at times. 
  • He loves me. I don't just know this as a theoretical fact. I see it everyday in his actions. I hear it everyday in his words. I feel it everyday in his touch. He loves me. Never has he made me uncertain of this truth.
  • I really like to be around him. Many many people I have known often talk about how suffocating the presence of their husband can be at times. I never feel this way. If given the opportunity to spend time alone, or spend time with him, I would always choose him. People sometimes cringe when they hear he works from home, and ask, "How does that work for you guys being in such close quarters all the time?" My response is that it's been the best set-up we've ever had because we get to see more of each other. 
  • I can't wait for the next 10 years!

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