Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reading List

The books I ordered from Amazon have come! So now I have something to occupy me these last days. I was about to start going stir crazy. I made sure all my "to do" items were complete before my due date, just to be safe. But that means that I have a completely empty schedule now, and all my teacher friends have gone back to work this week! So, I don't even have anyone to visit with. Today is my first real day of idleness, so I suppose I shouldn't complain so soon! But anyhow, books are good! On the reading list: Breastfeeding Made Simple, and The Vaccine Book. 

Also, I have an appointment with the midwife today at 3:00, so I may have a status update after that!


  1. ok.....fill us in on your appointment. ;0)

    I am just too excited!!

  2. geez, haven't you been in labor all night? where's our update? if you were really a hardcore blogger you would be live blogging from the inflatable tub.

  3. Mikkele is such a sweetheart isn't she... :P

  4. Hey... I agree on an update. Is Chelley in labor? Someone fill me in!

    Anxious in Irvine! :)