Sunday, October 26, 2008

Daddy Fun Time

Claire and Kevin got to spend some quality time together yesterday while I was with some girlfriends enjoying a day of sun, mineral baths, mud treatments, and moisturizing at the Glen Ivy Spa. It was quite a treat! The two of them had a good day together too. She watched Mystery Science Theater with the guys, and at some point posed for that picture. I leave the baby for one day and somehow she is on the kitchen table covered in money. Apparently everyone chipped in for pizza and the idea for the above composition just came to him. Oh Kevin! And poor Claire. Her father will forever be taking silly pictures of her for his own amusement. It kind of reminds me of those rap videos where the people just wave handfuls of cash around... although they usually have 100s, not 5s! We're small time in the Bringard house!


  1. nice work kevin! i'm laughing so hard right now! poor thing doesn't realize she's a pawn for your silliness!! too funny!

  2. Wow. Kevin has put Mark to shame in the silly picture department! I'm really glad to hear you got a break Chelle. Glen Ivy is an AMAZING spa!! I assume you went to the OC one. I've only been to the one in Temecula but I hear they're both awesome.