Monday, November 3, 2008


Claire got all dressed up for our trip to Costco... shoes and everything! She was very excited, as you can see. She loves laying on her back and watching her mobile, it makes her smile so big! A few weeks ago she would never have tolerated being laid down and left to her own devices. Now she can entertain herself for long enough for me to shower, as long as the music doesn't stop! It's good because we have a very busy month of November! We will be visiting with my cousin this weekend, going to Catalina to help clean up a family camp the following weekend, then the MLS Cup (soccer) game is the following weekend, and then we travel north to Lemoore for Thanksgiving! Phew! The trip to Lemoore usually takes around 4 hours, but since it's a holiday, and we've got a baby on a two hour feeding schedule who hates her carseat, I have no idea how long it will take! Pray for us! :-)


  1. Oh my gosh. Norah is jealous of Claire's shoes. Ok, not really. But I'm jealous on her behalf. So cute!!

  2. cutest little baby girl you ever did see! the shoes are adorable! and the arm raise--she kills me!