Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Claire spent the nice spring week playing with friends. 

Here she is with Liliana at the Great Park... which turned out to be a total bust! It was a giant balloon (which was grounded due to wind) and a parking lot. This was the only grass, and it was no nice at all! 

And here she and Asher were playing at the playground at Mariners Church. Claire had a great time! There was a fountain that shot water out of the ground for the kids to play in. She was laughing hysterically watching the older kids run through the water. It was so great! She loves to watch other kids play-- it makes her so excited.

And where there are no other playmates to be had, Claire is excellent at improvising! This is her first and favorite play companion--the baby in the mirror. Although she has wised up and no longer thinks it's actually another baby!

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