Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Mall

On Monday it was so nice and sunny out that I decided to walk the mile to the Borders in the mall for some school supplies. And then, once we were there, of course I had to just shop around a little! haha! 

They had these fabulous sunglasses in H&M. I was very tempted to get them, but decided $7.00 for something she would never keep on was a waste. Sigh!

After our shopping I sat on a bench for a while and let Claire stand up and hold on to the backrest part (disinfecting wipes are amazing things, she can get her hands all over anything so long as I wipe it down first!) She would watch everyone walk by and smile and laugh at them all. Most people responded by stopping and talking to her, which, of course, was her plan all along. If for some reason someone didn't see her, she would get a little confused and frown. It was like she was thinking "Hello, I'm being cute here!" She is so social. In fact, if she has to spend the entire day at home with just me she gets so bored and grumpy!

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