Monday, April 20, 2009

A Night and a Day in the Life of Claire Bringard

Kevin and I finally had a night out together without the little one! (I've been trying for months, but Kevin never wants to go out without her) We went to a benefit dinner for Mika Community Development and our wonderful friends Tim and Whitney volunteered to watch Claire. They said she did super, and didn't fuss at all. Here are a few pictures they took of the night:

"Where's my parents?"

"I'm sleepy"

"Who needs them, I'm having fun!"

Then, on Sunday it was so hot (in the 90s) that we decided to introduce Claire to the pool for the first time. She had a blast... except when she insisted on inhaling the water wherever I dunked her! But even then she didn't even cry, just looked startled. 

'I can do this on my own, go ahead and let go!" (yeah right!)

"If you need me, I'll be tanning." (through her 50 SPF!)

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