Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two years already!

Claire's 2nd birthday is Friday. Wow. As I'm scrambling with last minute planning she is starting to get excited. She sings happy birthday to herself and loves to tell people she's "TWO!!!"

She had her two year Dr. visit yesterday. The Dr. was asking me the standard milestone questions: does she count to 5? Yes, she counts to 10, except she really has something against including 4. Does she know her colors? Yes, but she likes to give the wrong color first when you ask just to make sure you're paying attention. It went on like this for a while with all yeses, then she asked, "does she peddle a tricycle?" uhm, well I think she could, but she can't reach the peddles. "does she cut paper with scissors?" uhm, I have never given her scissors. It never seemed like a safe idea to me. She is barely done being 1! I think she had moved up an age on her question list cause I had said yes to all the two year old questions. She did that to me at her one year check up also, but it always surprises me.

Below is a picture of what Claire is doing right now while I write this. She says "hi everybody!"

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  1. Maybe the doctor was testing you to see if you were paying attention. Glad to hear she is doing well!

  2. Happy Birthday to Miss Claire! She is darling and smart too! Have a wonderful birthday party!
    Bee's Mimi Marlene