Monday, June 20, 2011

What to get a three year old?

Claire's third birthday is in a few months! Wow! For the first time she is starting to request things for her birthday. Everything she sees she says, "Maybe I'll get that for my birthday!" I'm compiling a list of things I want to get her. Of course I will only get her one of these, but it's nice to have them all down. It's also a good tool for grandparents!! (I'd love any advice you may have too!)

1. A doll house. Claire has been obsessed with making houses out of legos for her toys. She is also scripting play and pretending like crazy!

2. A PlasmaCar: She rode one if these in a toy store and loved it!
3. A Cars Race Track: She played with this at a friends house and loved it! And Cars is her new favorite movie.
4. This cute sprinkler: She would love this!

Any other suggestions??! I'm debating some sort of leap frog system, but I'm not sure she needs more electronic toys. But, they do make educational ones. What are your thoughts?

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