Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Zoo

We are back to our Saturday adventures after a bit of a break for visitors and illnesses. Yesterday it was off to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. I wasn't sure how substantial of a zoo it was before we went to check it out. Our previous zoo foray as a family was at the Santa Ana Zoo, so we had pretty low expectations after that! (Don't get me wrong, it's a nice little place, but all they have are birds and monkeys. Not much value for $16/person!) But this is a full sized zoo with lots of animals, exhibits, and fun little play areas! We were on a time limit because we had gotten off to a really late start, and were hoping to salvage some semblance of nap time. So here's what we did: feed the giraffes, feed ourselves (food was actually really good, but not cheap), go through the monkey house (to which Claire kept exclaiming "Cool! Awesome!"), and rode the sky tram.

We bought a membership that includes one free guest with every visit. So, when you come see us, you can come to the zoo for free! Because our time was limited, our trip was part recon for next time. We quickly peeked at the lions on the way by, scoped out the train for next time, found a neat kids playground/splash zone to try out, and plan on actually seeing more animals in the future.

Sky Tram (It was windy!)

Hello giraffes!

In other news, aren't these the cutest kids you have ever seen?!!

This is my life these days. Are you jealous?

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  1. you fed giraffes??? GAH! That is on my bucket list!!!!

    PS - yes, your kids are SO ADORABLE!!!