Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mr. Personality

Jude has been so funny lately! He talks nonstop now and says/does the funniest things! Here's a few examples:

At Costco while sitting in the cart the following interaction was repeated at least five times: "Daddy seatbelt!"
"Do you want help putting it on?"
"Ooohh nooooo!"

Today at breakfast he said, "Hi toast. How you doing?"

Tonight he wanted to "Pray Mommy's pants." I confirmed with him that he actually wanted to pray for my pants.

He likes to cheer for his food: "Yay yogurt!!!"

His favorite things to obsess about: dogs, horses, planes, and the "waterfall" (the decorative fountain in our neighborhood park.)

Today he exclaimed, "I want that!" and indicated a specific beer while shopping with Kevin.

He'll never pass up an opportunity to put on a sensible pair of shoes and/or a hat for a trip around the living room. (He's even been seen in Claire's princess dress up heels.)

He's our little charmer, an we love him!!

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  1. I just adore him! :) And I love your blog. I wonder if he picked up the beer trick from Tristan yesterday, I think they'll be good buds haha.