Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh My, It's Been A While!

Hello from the land of the tired! I have wanted to write a new post forever, but somehow never seem to carve out the time. So, here it goes!

We have emerged after the long winter and are venturing forth into the sunshine! Mostly, we're doing fantastic! Kevin loves his job-at which he can work from home. We're all settled into our new home. For the first time in our 9 years of marriage, there is a space for everything to be put away! It's amazing! I actually have a fairly clean house most days! (Gasp!) Seriously, you can drop by unannounced without me having to bury feeling of shame and guilt and fears of judgment. I'm 33 weeks (ish) along now with our littlest Bringard. It's been a good run so far. I've been able to stay fairly active going to the gym, chasing the boy and girl, and even an occasional hike.

Updates on the kiddos:

The Girl:

She's "3 & 1/2" now and so grown up. The drama has reached epic levels, and some days are roller coaster rides! But, despite the new foray into deception and manipulation, and the increased tantrums, it is really a joy to watch her take in life. She has been making an extra effort lately to love Jude and do special things for him. It melts my heart to watch her protect and guide him. (But she also antagonizes and bosses him, of course!) Her strengths continue to be in the realm of communication. She loves to converse, and will talk to anyone who will listen, or even when they won't, she talks right over them! She is socially very outgoing (as always) and loves to make friends. Always the free-spirited fashionista, she will insist on choose to wear two different shoes to school, or orange tights with pink shorts. Her response to suggestions that her choices may not match is always the same: "I don't mind!" She is about to wrap up her first year of preschool, and we've decided to put her in for 3 days/week next year. She is excited! She has also started a tumbling class at the gym. Her lopsided summersaults are quite adorable! (What she lacks in grace, she makes up for in gusto!)

The Boy:

Jude is 18 months old now and has really started to become a little boy lately! He talks A LOT, and you can understand what he says almost all the time. He consistently uses phrases that consist of 2-3 words. My favorite is when he says "Jude funny boy!" He loves to comment on the goings on around him, and especially loves to copy everything his sister says! He is a "go first, think later" type, which has lead to many bumps and bruises. He is also very independent and likes to attempt grand feats of height and complexity when climbing things! He is very affectionate and loves hugs from anyone but his sister. (But at bed time he'll tell her "night night sissy," and give her a very sweet hug and kiss!) He is obsessed with shoes! He loves to put his-or anyone else's-on and walk around the house. He also enjoys bringing you your shoes if you happen to leave them out. Also, he's wicked good with a spoon! This may seem like a silly thing to brag about, but he can eat just about everything with a fork or spoon. He even tries to put his grapes on a spoon and eat them! Claire wasn't even that good at 2! His favorite activities (if he can't climb anything) are to read, or to do puzzles. He has quite a bit more interest and patience in these activities than  Claire did-or does now, for that matter! He knocks us out with his cuteness all the time! Seriously, look at that face!!

Truly, we feel so grateful for our sweet kids, our new house, our beautiful surroundings, and our supportive new community here! We send you our deepest affection, and hope to see our long distance friends/family soon whether you decide to vacation in lovely Colorado, or we catch up with you in CA when we come out for a wedding in August.

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