Sunday, July 26, 2009

Drum Roll Please....

That's right, ladies and gentleman, Claire is officially walking as of this afternoon!  These are her actual first steps. We saw the look in her eyes and knew she was finally going to go for it! (thank you iphone!) And she's already an expert. She has been walking laps around the house for over an hour now!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


The other night I heard a distressed scream coming from Claire's room. I went in to find that she had gotten her leg stuck between the slats in her crib in her sleep and she was screaming while trying to free herself. I pulled out her leg and picked her up and hugged her tight. She nestled into my shoulder, took two deep calming breaths, and fell fast asleep. Right then I was overcome with so much joy. Here I was holding this fragile little creature. She had been scared until I came. Then she felt so secure she was able to dismiss all her fear and go right back to sleep. 

I sat down and rocked my sleeping daughter. I looked down at her face and had such a powerful image. I saw, not a little baby, but the wise, strong woman she would become. In that instant it was like I knew that woman and I was so proud of her. She no longer seemed like the fragile little creature I had rescued. I saw the depth of her inmost being, already fully formed, fearfully and wonderfully knitted together in my womb, her days already written out and known by God.  I was honored to be the one to be there when she was small, to protect her and guide her. I am privileged to be Claire's mother.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Claire's Birthday Wish List

Alternate title: Everything I Would Get Her if I Could

#1: This adorable play mat to put inside or out! I could put it under wish list item #2:

#3: One of these diaper covers  size large.

#4: A dozen of these cloth diapers.

#6: Some wooden or plastic blocks

#7: Books books books! 

#8: A wagon

#10: A spa day for Mommy... oh wait...! haha!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Exciting New Things!

Claire has opened up a whole new world of exploration. She loves to walk everywhere! (Well, she's not doing it completely on her own yet, but we're soooo close!)

Here's a run down of all the things she does, there are sooo many every day!
  • Signs she now does consistently: please (all the time for everything), thank you, more, flower, all done, eat, doggie, bird, airplane, mom/dad (they look the same still)
  • She says hi all the time to everyone and everything
  • She says mama and dada for the correct person
  • If you ask her what sound a monkey makes, she says "oh oh oh"
  • When she sees something interesting (which is everything) she points and says "ooooohh"
  • She talks on the phone, or anything shaped remotely like a phone
  • She requests items and actions by pointing and signing please
  • She dances to anything musical, whether it's Kevin whistling or a car alarm
  • She imitates any noise you make. She loves to roar like a lion and mimic people laughing
  • She blows kisses
  • She gives kisses to anyone without facial hair, most of the time closed mouth puckers now
  • She likes to kiss her baby and stuffed animals
  • She jargons like crazy
There is so much more I'm sure, but I need to feed her breakfast while Kevin cleans up a poopy diaper. Love you all!