Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Honeymoon is over!

And so begins the crying. Our experience the last few days has been that awake = screaming. Yesterday she cried pretty much all morning. And last night she had a glorious 2 hour spell. So far today though, we're scream free...although that may not bode well for tonight. She will have plenty of energy for all the crying she can muster. We're still hoping that maybe yesterday was a fluke and we'll go back to our easy cry-free baby. Here's to wishing!


  1. Do you have Happiest Baby on the Block? Quick run out and get the DVD, some great ideas are on there to help babies.

    Though I remember there was a night when Bryson did that and then he calmed down in the next day or so.


  2. Yes, we do have Happiest Baby on the Block, and we do all the 5 S's, but sometimes she just wants to scream. But we're getting used to it, and it seems to help her sleep better :-) We look at it as her way to burn calories to grow better.