Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Month Old!

Today Claire is 4 weeks old... can you believe it? Every day is better than the last. Feeding is no longer a challenge. Although today, after I fed and burped her, I set her next to me on the couch. She looked up at me, got a strange look in her eyes, and then coughed/sneezed and shot milk out her nose with such force that it hit me in the face from about 3 feet away! So hilarious! I just started laughing at her, which she didn't appreciate as she was looking quite bewildered about what had just happened. 

Things we're learning about her personality: She is becoming much more expressive. She almost smiles at us, usually right after she has finished eating, before entering her milk coma. She is an enthusiastic eater, becoming quite impatient if there are any delays. Then she gulps it down fast--she's often done in 10 minutes!  She is also a noisy eater--she snorts, grunts, and chirps the whole time. When she's awake, she is starting to make these happy cooing noises.  She likes to lay on Kevin's chest and take a nap. She loves it when you stroke her cheeks and forehead.  We think she may be a thumb sucker as soon as she can maintain control of her hands. She sucks on any part of her hand that finds its way to her mouth with delight, but will not tolerate a pacifier in her mouth. 

The pictures with the bow crack me up for multiple reasons: First of all, Kevin hates it! And I must admit, it does look a little silly... too small I think. Also, I love the one because it showcases her Zoolander face. Awesome.

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