Monday, September 15, 2008

The more you know...

Thank goodness for breatfeeding books... and too bad it took me this long to finally read mine. I ordered the book that was recommended by my wonderful hypnobabies instructor with every intention of reading it before Claire was born. But it arrived the day my water broke.  And in the following weeks I had no time to sit and read a book. Until last night. And man was it helpful! All the things I was wondering about and struggling through were right there in easy to implement strategies! My biggest problem was an attempt to keep her on a schedule. I wasn't feeding her more than every 2 hours, assuming that she couldn't be hungry. But, in fact, I was wrong. And she was crying cause she was probably hungry even if I had just fed her 30 min-1 hour ago. So, starting last night I started ignoring the clock instead of ignoring Claire. Today has already been so much easier now that I'm off a "schedule" and just feeding her whenever she wants.  And now we have a very happy baby!

Also, I've included some photos of her in her first pretty Sunday dress! So cute! 

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