Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Not a newborn anymore!

Claire has started to change a lot recently. Here's a few new things that I have noticed her start to do:

1. blow spit bubbles... and generally just spit. I wipe her face all day long!

2. she enjoys shrieking while on her changing table. It's like she just discovered a whole new octave to add to her repertoire. It's not an unhappy shriek, but instead a very very happy one.

3. she takes the pacifier without the endless game of fuss, pacifier in, quiet, spit pacifier out, fuss, etc. Or the even more annoying game of fuss, pacifier in, scream and struggle to get rid of it until realizing it is nice and soothing, and then suck on it till almost asleep, and then realize she's almost asleep, spit pacifier out, and repeat.

4. when she is put down to sleep, instead of crying,  she goes to sleep. I used to have to go in at least twice after I put her down to give her the pacifier because she had spit it out and started crying. Now, she handles it all on her own, either by keeping the pacifier in, or by sucking her thumb.

5. a not so fun one: she has been exceeding the containment capabilities of her diapers more often. This has lead to quite a few costume changes throughout the day for both her and me! I used to think I was lucky cause I heard everyone complaining about blowouts getting everywhere and we had never had that problem unless she was wearing paper diapers. Until recently, she had never exploded out of cloth diapers. But my grace period is over. Even the most carefully fastened cloth diaper cannot withstand the quantity and velocity she subjects it to. It's always the worst when 5:00 rolls around and she hasn't pooped at all yet. I know that when it comes, it's going to be epic! 

6. she tries to grab at things. It's funny to watch her concentrating so hard to reach out and grab a blanket or toy. Once she has whatever it is in her hands, she tries to bring it to her mouth and suck on it. Her success rate is probably about 40%.

I feel like there are more, but I can't think of them right now. She is so much fun these days! So interactive. She talks to you, and smiles all the time. It's always fun when strangers come up to see her in the store, and she smiles really huge at them, and they get so excited and impressed!  It's funny because she is always in the best mood when she first wakes up. I come get her in her crib and she is just laying there smiling! So cute! She loves to sleep, just like me!

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