Monday, December 22, 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain

Many of you know that I love the rain. But, sometimes when the rain decides to move in and stay awhile, there's a problem. We had water seeping into our living room faster than we could soak it up. Every absorbant material in our house was recruited for the task, including Claire's baby bathrobe! We piled up a dam of towels in front of the point where the water was leaking in. Then the fun started of rushing out into the rain to get the wet towels washed and dried (our w/d is out back in our garage with no direct access) before the levy broke and water made a mad dash for our TV. We never really succeeded in getting ahead of the invading water!

This is Kevin showing us his larboard side as he attempts to make the electronics safe. All the cords and power strips were sitting in a 1 inch puddle!

The next phase of defense was to attack the problem from it's assumed source.

This is Claire and I enjoying the brisk wet night while Kevin works. 

High spirits in spite of the zany adventure. You gotta love the rain, even if it doesn't always love you back!

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