Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We returned unharmed from the foggy middle of the state! A breakdown of our trip:
9 hours to get from Santa Ana to Lemoore!
1 extreme diaper blowout on the road
30 minutes of screaming at the very end
5 days of very nice visiting in which Claire was a better baby than she is at home
5 hours to get back home
1 more blowout changed on the Del Taco bathroom floor due to the absence of a changing station
3 hours of intermittent screaming with breaks to sleep and recover her energy in between

Claire got to experience cold and fog for the first time. I actually had to go out the day we were leaving to buy her a jacket... an August baby in Southern California has no need for such things! Aside from the long and messy car rides, the trip was a total success. I was worried that the traveling might upset her sleeping. What was I thinking! This kid can and will get her full night's sleep no matter where she is. She slept in the pack and play with no trouble, and even went down to sleep way better than she does at home!

1 comment:

  1. It was so wonderful to meet everyone in Lemoore! Glad you made it back faster and safely!
    Mimi-to-BEE Marlene