Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Praise the Lord!

Claire LOVES to clap, dance, and sing along to music. Her favorite person to listen to: her Daddy (as in the video below). I taught her the arms raised trick in the form of cheering "hooray" when Kevin would get home from work. The first time she raised her hands to music was when we had her in church for the final worship time. The people in front of us were raising their hands while they sang. She loved watching them, and soon began to  imitate. That drew so much attention from the people around us, and soon everyone was doing it, just to get Claire to keep it up. So cute! Now, if you look at her and raise your hand and say "Praise the Lord!" (we like to use our best charismatic preacher voice) she smiles and does it too. Hours of entertainment! Enjoy!

Another favorite trick of hers has become waving to anyone. She waves to people in the store, she waves to people walking their dogs past our house, she waves to birds in the yard. However, if you ask her to wave, odds are about 50/50 that she'll pretend to be bashful and bury her face in my shoulder. 

Her new way to play with her toys is to bang them together to make noise. Most of her toys are soft, so she has adapted things like bottle lids and tupperware to suit her needs. Maybe it's time to get some more advanced toys. Thus far, we have only bought her two toys: a ball and a stuffed hippopontomus. Everything else has been a gift!


  1. wow that's kev?! I totally thought that was the radio- go Kev!

  2. Man, whoever that is singing needs to release an album so I can buy it!