Friday, May 1, 2009


Claire's on day three of 102 degree fevers. She's been a trooper, but today has been more grummpy and sleeping not-at-all. I am rarely showered and haven't had a night's sleep in who knows how long (she was in a funk all last week too and not sleeping.) And of course, because I'm so tired, I let my supervisor make me cry at school last night.  (oh, and I am forced to go in to school on Saturday, so that's just peachy--and part of the reason for the crying! She wanted to force me to come today, but I flat out refused to take Claire out.) Just a few more days and hopefully life will settle down!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that Claire is sick. Last week Bee did the same thing. It freaked me out and I took her to the doctor but she was fine. Is claire getting her teeth? Don't know if it's related but Bee was sick while her second tooth was shooting up. Her only symptom was a fever, bad mood, horrible sleep patterns.

    Feel better Claire and Mommy!!!