Friday, July 17, 2009

Claire's Birthday Wish List

Alternate title: Everything I Would Get Her if I Could

#1: This adorable play mat to put inside or out! I could put it under wish list item #2:

#3: One of these diaper covers  size large.

#4: A dozen of these cloth diapers.

#6: Some wooden or plastic blocks

#7: Books books books! 

#8: A wagon

#10: A spa day for Mommy... oh wait...! haha!


  1. Who needs a babydoll when you have a sweet monkey :)

  2. Maybe this blog post should be added to the e-vite so people know what they're supposed to get her ;-)

  3. sorry i bought her present about a month ago. it doesnt match up with any of the above. i would tell you what it is, but id have for claire to find out what it is.....