Saturday, July 18, 2009


The other night I heard a distressed scream coming from Claire's room. I went in to find that she had gotten her leg stuck between the slats in her crib in her sleep and she was screaming while trying to free herself. I pulled out her leg and picked her up and hugged her tight. She nestled into my shoulder, took two deep calming breaths, and fell fast asleep. Right then I was overcome with so much joy. Here I was holding this fragile little creature. She had been scared until I came. Then she felt so secure she was able to dismiss all her fear and go right back to sleep. 

I sat down and rocked my sleeping daughter. I looked down at her face and had such a powerful image. I saw, not a little baby, but the wise, strong woman she would become. In that instant it was like I knew that woman and I was so proud of her. She no longer seemed like the fragile little creature I had rescued. I saw the depth of her inmost being, already fully formed, fearfully and wonderfully knitted together in my womb, her days already written out and known by God.  I was honored to be the one to be there when she was small, to protect her and guide her. I am privileged to be Claire's mother.


  1. I love this post. Those rare moments are such a blessing to those of us parents who can appreciate them. Can't wait to see you guys and our little walker in a couple of weeks!!

  2. Rechelle,

    This post brought tears to my eyes! So beautiful. Can you believe how fast they are growing up? Cherish each day!

    Donna R.