Thursday, May 19, 2011

I didn't forget my dad's birthday...

I didn't! Kevin left to go to San Jose for work for three days yesterday morning before the kids were up. So, I was flying solo all day. I had decided I would call Dad after I got the kids down for the night so that I could catch him at home after work.

The day went off pretty well. Jude slept for 15 hours and didn't get up until 10 am! Claire was sweet, albeit very chatty. It was raining so I agreed to haul everyone to the mall in the afternoon. I noticed Jude was super fussy, and felt warm while we were at the mall. Then, when I told Claire it was time to stop playing at the play area and go home, she agreed almost gratefully. Strange. The minute we were home Claire said she was tired and needed to take a nap. At 4:30.

Meanwhile I was handling a very unhappy Jude. I gave him some tylenol for what felt like a low grade fever and strapped him to me while I prepared dinner. Now the 15 hour sleep session made sense! When Claire came down to eat she said she was cold. Sure enough, she also had a fever. I actually took her temperature: 99.9. Nothing major. Tylenol all around!

So, needless to say, the evening was a challenge. The crying from various fronts didn't end until about 10. Then, when Jude woke me up at 3:30 (Ug!) I realized I hadn't called my dad for his birthday!

But it wasn't a total fail, because Claire had made him a birthday video that I emailed earlier in the day.

In other news, I took Claire to the build-a-bear workshop. I steered her to the cheap end of the rack (not paying $20 for a stuffed animal!!) where she chose a very cute brown teddy bear. When it came time to make a birth certificate for her bear and name it, she proved again why she is a very special girl. The name she choose for her new bear: Octopus! When we paid, the lady said she had never seen anyone choose a name like that! Here are Claire and Octopus this morning:

And in Jude news: He is a climbing machine!

So, sorry we didn't call yesterday Dad! You were continuously thought of, and only neglected a little at the end there! Love you!! (I'll call today, I promise!)

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