Saturday, May 7, 2011

I have the BEST husband EVER!!

I am writing this while languishing in a bubble bath in a completely silent house! We decided to do Mother's Day today instead of tomorrow. It has been the greatest day I've had in a long time...probably since my 30th birthday in February.

The day started with Kevin running point with Claire this morning while I stayed in bed. I could listen to her constant jabbering in the kitchen from the comfort of my bed without the burden of responding. You know, I truly enjoy my daughter's vast and creative vocabulary so much more when I can meet it with a cup of coffee in hand!

Then, after everyone was up, fed, and dressed, we went walking around our neighborhood enjoying the community garage sale and warm sunny spring [finally!] weather. I bought a cute sweater and Claire had one whole dollar to buy whatever she wanted- which turned out to be some lemonade from a little girl's stand and some boy's action figures that she hasn't put down since. Now, I try hard not to push princesses over spiderman, but these toys (Dragonball Z?) are weird!!! Luckily, since she hasn't seen the corresponding show, her action figures ride in her Little People bus and have tea parties instead of trying to kill each other!

Then, while the kids napped, I went to Target. Alone. It was glorious!
(I also got to try out the new Bluetooth headset Kevin gave me. I felt so fancy! Lol!)

Then, after some playtime with Jude, he went down again for another nap and Kevin took Claire to the park for a "Daddy date."

Now that takes us to present. As if that wasn't enough, we are having amazing Thai takeout tonight for dinner, and watching Harry Potter after the kids are down!

I know, right?!

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