Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring is in the air...I think?

So, supposedly it's spring time. Please tell that to Colorado:

This was taken Sunday May 1st!

I mean, sure, there are buds on the tree in the back that do look lovely. But everything else is still all dead. No green grass. Even the squirrel that usually hangs out in that tree looks cold today!

Here's what's been up with us lately:

These are some truly beautiful children, if I do say so myself! (Note: Short sleeves and green grass means this picture was NOT taken here!)

Picnic in the park in Sunnyvale, CA

We have been busy lately! My family was here 2 weeks ago. It was a fun visit, and we got to celebrate my niece Lucy's 5th birthday! Here is a picture of my sister Vanessa with Lucy and my little munchkins:
We COULD NOT get Claire to take her hands out of her face!

The week following my family's visit we headed out to the San Jose area. Kevin had a conference all week for work. I didn't want to stay home all by myself in a new place with no friends and two kids, so I tagged along! We stayed with our good friends Andrew and Kristin (and their two cats, who were met with delight by Claire and ambivalence by Jude!) Getting there was interesting, however, as we had to fly separately. That's right, folks. I braved a 2 1/2 hour plane ride alone with both kids! (Twice actually, because we had to come back too!)

____________ Pause for applause_________________

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You're too kind. But seriously, I hope to never repeat this experience. Nothing major went wrong, it was just exhausting! Between Claire's inability to stop talking and Jude's inability to stop moving I was a pretty frazzled lady by the time we touched down again in Denver! On the flight back the woman in front of me and the (poor) man next to me both got wine and I was pretty envious! If I had a free hand and a safe place to set it, I would have seriously considered ponying up the dough myself! On the plus side, both kids were really excellent. Claire didn't tantrum and Jude didn't cry, so hooray for small miracles!

That's all for now! Next I'll do a post about Jude BECAUSE HE'S 6 MONTHS OLD ALREADY!

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